by Catherine Warin Blog droit européen just launched its “Note d’actualité” on the law of the Internal Market. The first Note d’actualité focuses on the free movement of EU citizens. In 2016 the EU citizenship, which Judge Marc Jaeger has aptly characterised as “citoyenneté de mouvement”[1] (movement citizenship), has further developed its effects beyond a… » read more

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By Bernd Justin Jütte One week after the Court of Justice (CJEU) handed down its Judgment in GS Media (see for a comment here), it has ruled on another important copyright case. In Mc Fadden v Sony Music the Court followed the Opinion of AG Szpunar (see for comment on this blog here) to a… » read more

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The Achbita and Bougnaoui cases, while raising overlapping questions, have led to diverging Opinions, issued just two weeks apart by Advocates General Kokott and Sharpston. Both cases are references for preliminary ruling on the interpretation of the prohibition on discrimination in the workplace, which reflects the fundamental right enshrined at Article 21 of the Charter… » read more

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